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Art Direction

We consider that what we design has to have something that represents the artistic side of a product, this being the key factor in the success of any project. We would go as far as calling art direction a bridge between all the factors involved in a project. This is how we understand what the business side wants and what resources we need to make it work.

First we need to understand your project and your needs. Afterwards we come up with several ideas out of which we choose one and make it a solution to your needs. Now, we are getting to the part where we explain how we make that happen:

  1. Depending on what type of service you need, we make a plan, like a storyboard, a script or a basic design. This is also backed up by a showcase of something similar we already did before.
  2. Once we are on the same page with all the production details, we are going to design a final plan of the projects, to which all sides agree on. The plan will contain everything we gathered until now, all the production steps, all the post-production steps, a list of all the equipment we gonna use and a timesheet of the project.
  3. We begin the production process, this means that, depending on the type of project, we begin shooting, filming or crafting a design. You will be updated at every step.
  4. Now that we have the material, we begin the post-production process. That translates to editing, colourizing, cutting, arranging all the bits and making a showcase.
  5. Once we have a confirmation from all sides, we get to the final stage, which is delivering the final version to the customer.

Digital Photography

  1. First, we have to understand your needs and establish a plan together.
  2. We gear up with everything that is necessary to shoot flawless digital compositions.
  3. Depending on the type of photography that you need, we create the perfect set-up for it in our studio, or we design an on-spot scenario.
  4. We start processing and developing the photographies we took, and we make sure to make all the adjustments that are needed.
  5. Once we check up with the client, and we have a green light, we deliver the final content.

Commercial video
& Motion Picture Production

Any project starts with a brief. A brief must be simple and easy to understand and must be structured based on some key questions:

  1. What is the purpose of the video?
  2. What is the audience?
  3. Which is the topic? (the more specific the better)
  4. What are the key points? (what the viewer should remember from watching the video?)
  5. Call-to-action. What should the viewer do after he watched the video?

The Production process


Pre-production is the process you have to go through we do before production. It is composed of several stages:

  1. Budget – any production has a budget. This directly dictates how the production will unfold, from location to equipment
  2. Casting – consists in choosing the right actors for the context of production
  3. Location – the place or places where it will be filmed. Very important for the mood of the story
  4. Costumes / props – stage design must be reproduced down to the smallest detail
  5. Timing / Management – being organized is essential during production, therefore must be set up since the beginning

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